What Features To Look For In A Luxury SUV?

Small utility vehicles have changed the way world travels. With a vision that captures comfortable and luxurious traveling with family, there is also upgrading of the features to meet the technology and safety needs. Unlike the old age designs that used to be too large to handle, the SUVs are the answer to a modern man’s needs when it comes to traveling long distances.

When choosing luxury SUV like Lexus SUV it is not just the look and brand that matters. There are a range of features and technical choices to be made. Here is our guide to make your search easier!

Car horsepower!

The imperial unit of power is used to measure how swift and smooth your ride shall be when driving an SUV. Most of the brands focus a lot on this feature because ultimately it is the power of the car to pull the weight and run in a speed that enhances performance. The Lexus SUV is made of 383HP while the Mercedes SUV carries 449HP easily making people acknowledge which one should be picked.


A strong engine reverberates just how the car shall perform in different kinds of journeys. A strong engine supports not just a short trip inside the city but also backs up your long distance travels with ease. A V8 engine powered by fuel capacity within 4.5 to 6L is the ideal fit for the SUV cars to travel long distances. If your choice provides for this choice, you are going in the right direction.

Towing capacity

Towing capacity of each vehicle is different especially when it is customized by the customer. The amount of weight it can pull without compromising on the speed or sound matters when you are with your family and luggage. Some of the best SUVs like Lexus and Mercedes deliver a towing capacity anywhere between 7000lbs to 8000lbs!

Style and brand

Of course the brand you are choosing matters. Mercedes is a world renowned brand serving customers since 1926 with its on-point designs, styles and performances. When it comes to brands it is the individual choice that matters.

Spacious luxury

SUVs are all about spacious travels in a car that aids comfort, luxury, power and performance. Be it a four seated SUV or a larger one make sure that it fits your needs to the best.

Choose an SUV not just for its looks but because of the flexibility it shall offer for long distance travels.

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